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Business is a skill - you can learn it

CFIB has always been committed to educating and assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and first-time small business owners embarking on a start-up venture. Our founder, John Bulloch, was a business professor prior to founding CFIB, and business education continues to be part of our DNA.

Ways that we can help you learn the business skills you need:

The entrepreneurs who succeed are usually the ones who have taken the time to plan. The Learning Centre offers My StartUp members invaluable courses, including: an introduction to entrepreneurship, finance basics, and how to communicate effectively. But perhaps the most valuable course we offer is business planning. This self-directed online course is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to producing a document that will help you plan your business strategy and communicate your vision to others. Check it out now at the Learning Centre and get a taste of the valuable resources available to you as a member.