Human Resources for Start Ups

Starting a business isn’t easy. Starting a business that needs one or more employees right away is downright tricky. In addition to the unique challenges that employees bring to a business at any stage – start up or seasoned - the additional red tape and process can seem insurmountable and endless.

At CFIB we have you covered, from your first employee onwards. If you’re hiring, facing an HR problem, or considering the unpleasant task of letting someone go, call us for advice and info that will keep you operating smoothly now, and won’t resurface to cause problems in the future.

Read our Handout, Human Resources From A to Z

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Hiring Family? What You Need To Know About Employment Insurance

If your start up employs family members, you are not alone. Families are great sources of support in many different ways for new entrepreneurs. But if you have them on the books, you need to know about EI rules when it comes to employees who are related to you.

The fact is, some family members may never qualify for EI benefits, even though you have been making all of the required payments. You do have some recourse, however, in the way of a refund. You can hire outside help who will charge you to help get this refund OR you can call CFIB and our BR counsellors will help you for free, just like we provide all our BR services for free to members. Don’t be fooled into paying upwards of thousands of dollars. Call a CFIB Business Counsellor for help.